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A network of committed, like-minded entrepreneurs. You never have to wonder if you’re understood. Other entrepreneurs don’t just “get you”, they know how to support you to win.Learn more


A highly-experienced facilitation and mentor team of entrepreneurs who have produced extraordinary results through the Living in Balance programs and have grown to become facilitators and mentors, now pay it forward by supporting the new entrepreneurs in the program.Learn more


A structured program with personalized support that gets results. The content is continuously evolving with you being at the centre. It is created partnering with you, being a part of your process to support you to win.Learn more

Living In Balance

As fellow entrepreneurs, we recognize that business can be a solitary pursuit.

Living in Balance isn’t just another coaching program or seminar. It is a powerfully aligned network of like-minded entrepreneurs, supported and empowered by an experienced facilitation and mentor team that have paved the path before you.

We combine personal and group interaction with comprehensive program content that is  continually moving as you move forward in your program, like an entrepreneur, always reaching forward, growing and moving to the next level. This network is designed to empower you to achieve success, purpose, balance and self-mastery in your business and all areas of your life.

This program is for committed entrepreneurs who are seriously and actively engaged in creating their success and committed to doing the work to get there.

The Living in Balance team, which acts like a board of directors, is dedicated to supporting you to win.

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  • “I felt depleted and unhappy in my primary relationships and trapped with the stress of my business. Thanks to this program, I now have an abundance of financial prosperity, fulfilling relationships and lots of free time!”

    Sylvia Cunningham· Owner of Sylvia & Co. Salon

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