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About Us

Living in Balance is a like-minded network of entrepreneurs. No single person is at the front, but an entire, specialized, core team working in harmony together to support your success. The purpose is supporting entrepreneurs to win, build their businesses in a balanced way and have fulfilled personal lives while creating their financial abundance.

For over 30 years, Living in Balance has been supporting entrepreneurs to overcome challenges and create the success they desire in their business, wealth, health and relationships. Living in Balance has traditionally been a very exclusive program, available only through direct referral by another participant in the program and only after an extensive interview process to ensure that participants applying are qualified and operating at a similar level and commitment to their success.

Let our numbers tell the story



What makes this program unique is that every facilitator and mentor is also a participant in the program and has achieved a high-level of their own success before being invited to participate as part of the mentor /facilitator team. The mentors and facilitators truly walk their talk.

Our facilitators and mentors are all highly successful entrepreneurs with real lives, relationships and families. Because they have received so much from the Living in Balance program, all have chosen to give back, by sharing their experience and wisdom in running successful businesses, as part of their ongoing commitment to reaching the next level of success and supporting other entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. A constant give and receive cycle that empowers the network and the participants and is part of our philosophy.



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