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CALL US (250) 717-5856


Are you an entrepreneur with a net worth of over $100,000? Are you open and committed to change? If you answered yes, then we invite you to fill out the contact form below.

Why do we ask about your net worth? Living in Balance is a team of committed mentors and facilitators – we work with entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their business and wealth to the next level of success. The entrepreneurs we work with are committed to their success and a minimum net worth is required to qualify.

1. Consultation to qualify

Living in Balance is a trusted and exclusive network of committed entrepreneurs. To ensure the program is a fit for you, please request an interview. A minimum net worth requirement of $100,000 and being in business are required to participate in the Seminar series.A Sharp Smart Alert Happy Red Fish With Open Eyes Going In Oppos

2. Attend a Weekend Seminar – February / June / November only intake

Once qualified, you are invited to experience a weekend Seminar Session – there are 3 intake periods throughout a calendar year, February, June and November.

3. Enter the One Year Wealth Building in Balance Program

The foundational support for your business success takes time and commitment. Once you have completed one weekend seminar, you are invited to attend the rest of the year. The one year program offers all of the building blocks that are necessary for the foundation of your business to set you up for the success you want.

4. Advanced Programs

After completing the Wealth Building in Balance Series 1, full year program, you are invited to move into the advanced programs of Wealth Building, Millionaires in Training and/or Whealthy Heart.

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