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Corporate & Partnership Programs

For partnerships to harness the power and connection of their relationship through communication and alignment and build a structure that supports the partnership to have financial abundance and empower the growth of their businesses and future vision.


  • Recreate your business foundation to support balance with your expanding business
  • Gain clarity and certainty regarding the next level of success and/or business venture(s)
  • Define and build a structure to house the next level of your business and vision
  • Define roles and honor each other’s gifts and talents in building a structure that supports the business/vision
  • Fully utilize each other’s gifts and talents to build profit in your business Gain a clear understanding of each other’s style with business and methods of processing information, so that decisions are discussed and made within the whole of the partnership
  • Share opinions and have patience in the honoring of each other’s style of communication, through speaking and committed listening
  • Create ongoing alignment necessary to successfully expand the business and vision and new directions with balance

This is a 13-month group or private program consisting of three 1-day seminars and 18 teleconference calls.

“As a result of our involvement in the partnership program my husband and I have learned to communicate more effectively resulting in growth, alignment and ease. We have created a structure and balance that allows us to be away for long periods of time yet continue to expand our businesses. We enjoy a loving, respectful and supportive relationship that continues to move us forward in all areas of our lives.”

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