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Women Entrepreneurs

We invite any qualified entrepreneurial women to come and experience the unique space of like-minded support for a WEEKEND SEMINAR and begin to discover the next level of your success, wealth and purpose.  Contact our team today to register for an upcoming seminar, hosted at a beautiful spa resort in the Okanagan. Space is limited and entry points are only in February, June or November. Click here to register here!

First Year Program

Wealth Building In Balance™ For Women – Series 1

This is the entry program for all women who start with Living in Balance. It is a 1 year program that gives you the foundational tools to solidly move forward in creating what you want. It is the main program that provides the structure and tools necessary to take you from where you are now to where you want to be in your business, wealth and life.

Woman And Business Plan

Hear from our client’s the results they’ve created from this program

Advanced Programs

Millionaires in Training

This program is for women entrepreneurs who have a goal to become a millionaire. For women with a net worth under $1 million dollars.

Wealth Building Advanced

For women with a net worth of $1 million+, this program is a dedicated “board of directors” where you are continually supported in creating the next level of your success, purpose and life in balance.

Whealthy Heart

For women to connect to their heart and spirit, build the confidence and commitment necessary to lead in their relationships, have the strength of healthy, balanced relationships that support their ideal lifestyle and business success.

Whealthy is a word created by Living in Balance to emphasize our philosophy that relationship is at the core of everything we do. When creating wealth, it is important that it is in a balanced relationship with our health.

No business in the network policy: – none of the participants in the program are permitted to do business together, unless they have a previously established business relationship. This ensures that the integrity of the network is maintained, so that participants focus on building their businesses with clients from the outside world and not from the network itself. This is not a do business with each other networking program, but rather a unique safe environment to support women entrepreneurs to win.


“I felt depleted and unhappy in my primary relationships and trapped with the stress of my business. Thanks to this program, I now have an abundance of financial prosperity, fulfilling relationships and lots of free time!”

Sylvia Cunningham· Owner of Sylvia & Co. Salon

Our Process

Your Team

  • POD
    When you enter the program, you are introduced to a like-minded pod – a small group of 4 – 6 women who are at a similar level of business as you. You and your pod will complete your first year of the program together.
  • Mentors
    Every pod is provided with 2-3 mentors that facilitate the conference calls and are available to support the women throughout their program.
  • Facilitators
    There are a number of facilitators, each with gifts and talents in different areas, from real estate to strategic planning and building teams. The facilitation team provides new content and support on the calls and in the weekends.
  • Bigger Network
    The larger network includes other advanced and new women in the program at varying levels of success, from new businesses to multi-millionaires.

Program Structure

  • Weekends with content
    There are 4 weekends per program cycle (February / June / November / February) – which take place at a beautiful spa location in the Okanagan, BC for the weekend seminar.
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Pod Calls – support
    In between the weekends on a weekly or bi-weekly basis you connect via teleconference with your pod and mentor team, to ensure you are consistently supported.
  • Monthly facilitated calls with content
    Monthly the facilitation team will host a call with your pod, focusing on a new piece of content, organically moving with where you are at with your process in building your business.

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